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Leolife Sciences Pvt Ltd

We are a pharmaceuticals company manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical formulations since 1977. With the technically qualified management at the helms, we are known for best quality pharmaceutical products for humans.

We have our field personnel working in different states, promoting our products to doctors and getting prescriptions from the doctors. We have our distribution channel in place in all these states. The goods flow from different manufacturing plants to our central warehouse at Ahmedabad in Gujarat. From here the goods are redirected according to requirement to different depots situated in various states. Our stockists channel in each state further distributes the goods to the retailers. The prescription floated from doctor desks are honoured at the retail counters. Apart from this we also sell the goods to institutions like State Electricity Boards, BMC, CRPF etc depending on their needs.

We have a wide product range catering to different categories of diseases treated by various specialties of medical profession. We have Anti Malaria Product as our major strength. As such we have made lot of market study on the subject taking feedbacks from doctors of different categories and geographical spreads.

We have arrived to the conclusion that major problem confronting the healthcare authorities is resistance development by malaria parasites to anti malaria drugs. Some of the very effective anti malaria medicines are supposed to cause gastric discomfort due to their irritating nature. This leads to nausea and vomiting with gastritis resulting in major non compliance to these medicines. Due to early premature withdrawal of the drug, malarial parasites develop resistance to that medicine and it is spread in the whole generation of that parasite. Ultimately in the community, resistance to that drug occurs.

As medicines for malaria are limited, we can not afford parasites developing resistance to the drug. So we try to ensure that the patient complies to the medicine and take complete prescribed dose. This we have ensured by introducing patient friendly innovative anti malaria formulations. Our antibacterial range consists of latest molecules which are known to be doctors’ choice and are effective against infections caused by susceptible pathogens. Apart from these we also have constipation care range, which has some very good formulations. Added to these are some other products for gastrointestinal disorders.

In all Leolife has a very dynamic product range which is constantly reviewed and necessary additions are made depending on market needs.